Precision Hair Cutting for Men

Professional hair styling with impressive results

What is the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut? More than you may imagine!

I’m Dave Daunais, and as a barber/stylist for more than 30 years, I’ve helped men look their best.

For you to have a great haircut, I consider the facial features, hair texture and thickness, professional and social considerations, and most importantly, your own personal feelings about how you want to look.

Great looking hair can make or break your confidence.

I give great men’s haircuts. Here’s what you can expect as my client:

  • All haircuts include shampoo, cut and blow-dry
  • Easier to manage hair that falls into place
  • Your hair looks great that day and for weeks after your visit
  • The cut highlights your best assets and helps camouflage imperfections
  • Curl can be controlled, fine hair can seem a little thicker and your hair is manageable overall
  • Your hair flatters your facial features and focuses on your best assets
  • On-time appointments so you never have to wait

IMG_0014.58133001_stdThis is what a precision haircut does. Don’t waste your looks on vacuum-controlled corporate cut drive-throughs. Contact us to make an appointment today!